Background for these notes is:
                Chris van Tienhoven:
                Encyclopedia of Quadri-Figures and Poly Geometry





                2018-02-25   Cayley-Bacharach Transformation for a QL
                2018-02-09   QA-Orthopole-Circles for a QL
                2018-02-03   Affin Regular Components of a 5-Gon
                2018-01-28   Nonpivotal Isocubics for QA/QL
                2018-01-23   Example for a Conic Transformation
                2018-01-19   Isoconjugation for a Pentagon
                2018-01-13   Triangle Circles and 5P-s-Tf3
                2018-01-07   New QA-Points related to QA-P4 and QA-Co3

                2017-12-30   Loci wrt 5P-s-Tf1,2,3,4
                2017-11-25   Pivotal Isocubic for a 5L

                2017-11-19   CSC-Circles for Points wrt a 5L

                2017-11-15   CSC-related 5L-Transformation III

                2017-11-06   5L-Example for Polarity with Conic

                2017-11-04   CSC-related 5L-Transformation II

                2017-10-31   Cayley-Bacharach Lines for QG/QL

                2017-10-28   CSC-related 5L-Transformations

                2017-10-25   Orthogonal  5L-Hyperbola

                2017-09-25   New QL-circumscribed Cubics II

                2017-09-22   New QL-circumscribed Cubics

                2017-07-08   Cayley-Bacharach Lines for a Quadrilateral

                2017-07-05   Cayley-Bacharach Lines for QL-Qu2

                2017-06-12   Cayley-Bacharach Ninth Point on QA-Cu1 (II)

                2017-06-02   Cayley-Bacharach Ninth Point on QA-Cu1

                2017-04-14   QL-Cu1 as Strophoide of a Tangential QL

                2017-03-29   Four Circles for a Quadrangle

                2017-03-22   Orthologic QA-Triple Triangles

                2017-03-21   QG-Circumcubic wrt QG-P1, QL-P1, QA-P4

                2017-01-12   Asymptotes of QL-Inscribed Hyperbolas        

                2017-01-10   QA-inscribed Quartic QA-Tf9(Linf)             

                2016-12-06   Conic-Perspector QA-Co-1
                2016-11-30   QL-Triple Triangles for QG-P1 and QA-P4
                2016-11-17   Cubics of  Generalized Cyclologic Centers II
                2016-10-25   Cubics for Perspective QA-Triple Triangles
                2016-10-16   Cubics of Generalized Cyclologic Centers
                2016-10-09   Generalized Cyclologic Centers
                2016-10-02   Dual Conics in the QA/QL-constellation
                2016-09-30   QA-Cu1 Invariant Transformation
                2016-09-27   Conics in the dual QA/QL-constellation
                2016-08-09   QA-Circumscribed Hyperbolas wrt QA-Tf1
                2016-07-28   Rectangles on QA-Cu1 and QL-Cu1
                2016-06-15   Dual Cubics and Quartics
                2016-05-25   Three Self-dual Conics
                2016-05-22   QL-Cu1 as Nonpivotal Isogonal Cubic
                2016-05-20   Nonpivotal Isocubic wrt QA/QL
                2016-05-16   Cubic derived from QL-Cu1 wrt QL-Tf3
                2016-04-25   QL-Tf3 for inscribed conics
                2016-04-17   QA-Sigma Quartic
                2016-04-15   QA-Reproduction with QA-Tr1 and QA-Tr2
                2016-04-12   QA-Tr1 <--> QA-Tr2 Transformation
                2016-04-07   Alternating Sum of Distance Squares
                2016-04-01   Constant Sum of Distance Squares
                2016-03-02   Reconstruction of a Quadrangle
                2016-02-14   QL-DT Pivotal "Isosexticts" wrt Lines
                2016-01-19   Another Reference Triangle for QL-Cu1
                2016-01-16   Reference Triangle for QL-Cu1
                2016-01-13   QA-Cu1 and QL-Cu1
                2016-01-11   Four Conics Tangent to QL-Cu1
                2016-01-09   Three QG-conics wrt a Point
                2016-01-04   Line Transformation wrt a Point on the Line

                2015-12-04   QL-Cu1 as QA-Cu1
                2015-12-03   A Third Quartic for a Quadrigon
                2015-11-21   QL-Quartics 
                2015-11-13   A Quartic for Quadrilaterals II
                2015-11-10   Foci of QA-circumscribed Conics
                2015-10-10   Line Orientated QL-Point Transformation
                2015-10-09   Polar Circle of QL-Tr1
                2015-10-03   (QL-Cu1) for a Quadrangle
                2015-09-28   QL-Tf1 Related Curves
                2015-09-24   QL-Quintic
                2015-09-22   QL-Tf1 and QL-Tf2 wrt QL-Cu1
                2015-09-21   Inscribed Orthogonal QL-Hyperbolas
                2015-09-11   QA-Cubics as QL-Cu1
                2015-07-30   Pedal-Cevian Quadrigons
                2015-07-24   Generalization of CSC (QL-Tf1)
                2015-07-22   Pivotal CSC-Cubics for a Quadrilateral
                2015-07-13   QL-Geometry for a Quadrangle
                2015-07-05   A new Cubic for a Quadrilateral II
                2015-07-04   A new Cubic for a Quadrilateral
                2015-06-30   Line-Circle Transformation for a QL
                2015-06-20   QL-Tf2 and QL-Cu1
                2015-06-18   QL-Circle wrt QL-Cu1
                2015-05-02   Construction of Morley´s 4L-Axes II
                2015-04-28   Double Tangent Tetracardioids
                2015-04-22   Orthogonal Morley-4L-Axes
                2015-04-16   Construction of Morley´s 4L-Axes
                2015-04-14   Sets of Morley´s 4L-Axes and 5L-Incenters
                2015-03-28   12 Special Morley-Axes for a Quadrilateral
                2015-01-25   Basic Elements of 6-Line Geometry
                2015-01-18   Center Circles and Clifford´s Chain ...
                2015-01-13   Line-Penosculant-Trapezoid of a n-Line

                2015-01-08   CSC-Transformation for 2n-Lines
                2015-01-03   Morley´s Penosculants of the Limacon
                2015-01-02   Morley´s Limacon as Inverse of a Conic

                2014-12-19   Hodgson's Directed n-Lines II
                2014-12-16   Hodgson's Directed n-Lines
                2014-12-10   Morley Points for n-Lines
                2014-11-23   Morley's Tetracardioid of a 5-Line
                2014-11-06   CSC-Circles for Pentalaterals
                2014-10-23   CSC-Line-Transformation for Pentalaterals
                2014-10-21   The CSC-Transformation for Pentalaterals
                2014-10-04   Steiner Axes, Newton Line and QL-Cu1
                2014-09-22   QG-conics wrt a perspective row on QG-L2
                2014-09-14   Three QG-Cubics for a QL and a QA
                2014-09-06   Remarkable QL-Triangle
                2014-08-18   A new Aspect of QL-Cu1

                2014-08-16   Angle Bisectors of a Quadrigon
                2014-07-27   A Curious QL-Point
                2014-07-24   QL-Hyperbola wrt QL-P8
                2014-07-20   Two Deltoids wrt the Pedal Line QL-L3        
                2014-07-17   Special Loci of EQF-Points

                2014-06-04   Constant Sum of QL-Distance-Squares
                2014-05-30   Orthogonal Hyperbolas through QL-P26
                2014-05-21   Consstruction of Eckart´s Cubic QL-Cu2 (2)
                2014-05-17   Consstruction of Eckart´s Cubic QL-Cu2 (1)
                2014-05-11   Drawing Eckart´s Cubic QL-Cu2
                2014-04-14   Coconic Reflections of Points in PiPj
                2014-04-02   Foci of QA-Circumscribed Conics
                2014-03-25   A Ring of Transformations

2014-03-22   Special Conics for QG, QL, QA
2014-03-17   Inscribed QL-Conic tangent to the Steiner Axes
2014-03-04   A Network of QL-Transformations
2014-02-27   Nodal QL-Cubic wrt the Miquel Point
2014-02-08   Pendant to QL-2P2
2014-02-05   QA-P4 - QL-P1 - QG-P1 - Circumconic
2014-02-01   Clawson´s Polar Reciprocation
2014-01-31   Cubics related to Lines
2014-01-30   Orthocentric Pedal Quadrangles
2014-01-23   QG-Cubic with XP1*XP3=XP2*XP4
2014-01-20   The Miquel Pedal Point
2014-01-12   Alternating Sum of Distances

2013-12-08   A Quartic for Quadrilaterals
2013-12-06   A Second Quartic for Quadrigons
2013-12-05   A Quartic for Quadrigons
2013-11-22   Another Quadrigon Circle
2013-11-20   A new Circle for Quadrigons
2013-11-15   Three QG-Circumconics for a Quadrilateral II
2013-11-04   Three QG-Circumconics for a Quadrilateral
2013-10-28   Inscribed Parallelograms of a Quadrigon
2013-10-13   A Curious QA-Transformation
2013-10-07   QL-DT Circumscribed Conics
2013-10-06    A Pair of QG-Cubics
2013-09-10   Circumscribed Conics of the QA-DT Medial Triangle
2013-05-17   A Cubic, a Circle, and a Line wrt a Quadrilateral
2013-04-15   Involutary Conjugate of the Newton Line
2013-04-12   QL-P5, QL-P12, QL-P20, QL-P22
2013-04-08   Common Point of five Miquel circles
2013-04-05   Involutary Conjugate of Infinity Points
2013-03-30   A Steiner-Hypocycloid for Quadrangles with the same QA-Diagonal Triangle

2013-03-08   A New Type of EQF-Transformation
2013-03-03   Some Remarks for Angle Properties of QA-P4
2013-02-16   Circumscribed Conics of a Quadrangle
2013-02-15   Trilinear Poles and Polars wrt the Diagonal Triangles
2013-02-09   Two Strophoids for the Euler Line
2013-02-01   Two Corresponding Triangles for Quadrangle and Quadrilateral
2013-01-21   Two Circumscribed QA-Tf2 Isocubics of a Quadrigon
2013-01-18   Two Circumscribed Conics of a Quadrangle
2013-01-10   Pivotal Isogonal Isocubics wrt QG-Tr3
2013-01-05   Simson Lines in QL-Environment
2013-01-01   A Line, a Conic and a Cubic wrt an Isoconjugation


Eckart Schmidt